11442 N. Interstate Hwy 35. Austin, TX 78753

11442 N. Interstate Hwy 35. Austin, TX 78753

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If you've suffered injuries or your property has been damaged due to an accident, reach out to us! We're committed to seeking justice and negotiating the fullest compensation on your behalf. At Dang Law Group, we prioritize the welfare of accident victims in Texas. That's our promise to you.

Looking for a quick overview of our legal services? We're here to address all your questions. Dang Law Group is dedicated to securing the justice our clients deserve. You don't have to face this challenging time alone—let us advocate for your rights and the compensation you're entitled to.

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    What to Expect from Your Legal Consultation with Dang Law Group?

    Navigating the legal landscape can be daunting, especially if you're unfamiliar with the language or Texas laws. Don't worry; we're here to assist. Our support begins the moment you contact us. So, what should you expect, and how does the process work?

    This is the first step to stay in touch with you. To do this, simply give us a call or fill out the form below to get in touch immediately.

    To proceed with your consultation, we will need some details about you. Don't worry; this is to better understand your case and help us figure out how we can assist you.

    In the consultation, you can explain in detail what happened. We can establish what kind of help you need and outline the process to claim your compensation.

    With the preliminary information, our lawyers can analyze the viability of your case and help you make the best decision for you and your family.

    We know you'll have many questions, especially before making a decision. Understanding how our fees work is an important point that we will explain, resolving all your doubts.

    Depending on your case, we can guide you on the steps to follow in your process. We'll explain what we'll do to start working on it and each step that can be taken to win the maximum compensation for you.

    We will be 100% clear, transparent, and honest with you. We'll explain the expectations we have regarding the steps we will follow in your case and tell you what to expect from your case and its resolution.

    Throughout your consultation, you can ask us any questions you want and express any concerns your case may cause. We will, in turn, explain any doubts you have about the process in a simple manner, ensuring your peace of mind.

    You can make a decision without pressure and always based on what's best for you. Once this is established, we can continue with your case and stay in touch with you for any updates.


    How Much Does Legal Consultation Cost with Dang Law Group?


    One key question concerns the cost of legal consultation with us. We're pleased to inform you that the consultation is completely free. Even when you sign a contract with us, there's no upfront payment required.

    We operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay us if we win your case. Our fee is a modest percentage of the total compensation awarded to you, so there are no direct payments from your pocket.

    Our goal is to ease the burden of the legal process for you. We handle everything from start to finish, ensuring you feel secure and informed, all in your preferred language. Leave it to our expert lawyers to manage your case.


    Legal Contact in Austin

    In the city of Austin, you can find our offices at 11442 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, Texas, 78753. We offer both online and in-person appointments—whatever is most convenient for you. Choose your best option to speak with a consulting attorney from Dang Law Group.

    11442 N. Interstate Hwy 35. Austin, TX 78753
    512-973-8997  (Disponible via teléfono 24/7)

    Testimonials from Our Clients

    Cecilia Gomez
    “Dang Law Group was recommended to me by my parents when I was involved in a car accident while pregnant. Our lawyer is Zach, and he has been excellent in communicating with me overall. However, at the beginning of the case process, it was a bit frustrating because there were several different associates, and I basically had to re-share information. Once I expressed my frustration, that's when most of my contact was with Zach, which made me feel like he really cared. Another great thing about Zach is that he doesn't rush anything and looks out for what is best for you and your family. I would definitely consider sharing his contact information with other relatives and friends.”
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    Jovanna Portillo
    “I had never been in an accident before and was unsure of what steps to take. Fortunately for me, Jesse was assigned to my case. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate throughout the entire process, making it easier for me. I would definitely recommend him and Dang Law Group in the event of an accident.”
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    Daryl Taylor
    “Excellent lawyers for cyclist cases! I highly recommend Dang Law Group, especially their lawyer Otto. After I was hit by a car last year while riding my bike, they represented me and provided excellent care. I was able to get the medical attention I needed and was also compensated for my damaged bike and property. They were very attentive, responsive to my needs, and professional. I would 100% recommend them.”
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    A Legal Advisor Just a Call Away

    Don't delay—call us today to book your appointment! In Texas, the statute of limitations sets a two-year deadline from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. The sooner you contact us, the quicker we can start working on your case.

    If you've been in an accident resulting in injuries or property damage, get in touch! At Dang Law Group, we champion your right to compensation. Language barriers won't stand in our way; we're here to support you. Our commitment goes beyond securing compensation; we aim for justice to ensure you receive everything you rightfully deserve.

    Start the journey to justice today—contact us and schedule a free consultation with our experienced consulting attorneys. And always remember:

    In a BANG, call DANG!

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