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Austin 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers

Our Austin 18-wheeler accident lawyers at Dang Law Group are determined to challenge insurance companies vigorously. We possess deep experience in handling cases involving 18-wheeler accidents. Our multicultural team is here to support you, regardless of the language you speak or your citizenship status.

If you or someone close to you has been involved in an 18-wheeler accident, we stand ready to advocate on your behalf. Our team is skilled in navigating the complex strategies used by insurance companies to deny fair compensation. We are committed to countering these tactics to ensure your rights are fully protected against any unfair practices.

The aftermath of an 18-wheeler accident can be daunting. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dang Law Group for a consultation. Our legal experts are prepared to review your case, offer insightful advice, and map out a path to justice. Your consultation is not just free; it’s confidential too, highlighting our commitment to your privacy and well-being. Begin the journey to securing the compensation you’re entitled to with the expertise of Dang Law Group’s big rig collision attorneys.

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Insight into 18-Wheeler Accidents

Understanding the various types of 18-wheeler trucks is crucial, as each plays a significant role in transportation and logistics. From tractor-trailers and semi-trailers to tanker and crane trucks, and flatbeds, these vehicles are essential for moving goods efficiently. Their design and function cater to specific cargo needs, ensuring the delivery of a wide range of goods across distances.

These accidents can have various causes, such as human errors, adverse weather conditions, mechanical failures, or road problems. Risks associated with 18-wheeler truck accidents include significant property damage, severe injuries, and, in tragic cases, fatal injuries.

Some types of 18-wheeler trucks include:


Tractor-trailers stand as heavy-duty workhorses, boasting powerful engines crafted for the sole purpose of towing cargo across extensive distances. These mammoth vehicles are indispensable in the realm of long-distance freight transport, ensuring the seamless flow of goods across vast stretches of roadways.

Trailers or semi trailers

Attached to tractor-trailers, trailers or semi trailers come in diverse configurations to accommodate various cargo needs. From dry trailers to refrigerated trailers, flatbeds to side-loaders, these units play a pivotal role in transporting goods with efficiency and adaptability.

Tanker trucks

Tanker trucks specialize in the bulk transportation of liquids and gasses, ranging from chemicals and fuels to liquid foods. Their robust design ensures the secure and efficient conveyance of these substances, contributing to the smooth functioning of industries reliant on bulk transport.

Crane trucks

A unique breed, crane trucks come equipped with a crane, enabling them to lift and move hefty loads. Widely utilized in construction and other industries, these trucks play a crucial role in handling substantial materials, showcasing their versatility in diverse work environments.

Flatbed trucks

Flatbed trucks present a flat platform without side walls, streamlining the loading and unloading of large or bulky goods. Their design prioritizes accessibility, making them ideal for transporting items that require swift and straightforward handling.

These examples merely scratch the surface of the extensive array of 18-wheeler truck configurations. The transportation and logistics industry relies on the adaptability and specialized features of these trucks, each tailored to meet the unique demands of various cargo types and industry requirements. As we navigate the diverse landscape of 18-wheeler trucks, it becomes evident that their role extends far beyond mere transportation—they are integral components driving the wheels of commerce and industry.

What Causes 18-Wheeler Truck Collisions?

Accidents involving large trucks can result from various preventable factors, including inexperienced drivers, improperly loaded cargo, mechanical failures, and driver fatigue. Recognizing these causes is essential for prevention and ensuring safety on the roads.

Driving a truck requires experience and skill; therefore, driving an 18-wheeler requires an experienced driver familiar with large trucks and maneuvers. A novice driver may be unfamiliar with these maneuvers and techniques, leading to accidents.

In heavily loaded trucks, it is necessary to balance the load to prevent the truck trailer from becoming unbalanced. If the cargo is improperly loaded, turning on the road can be dangerous, as the truck’s inertia could cause an accident when unbalanced.

Large trucks require optimal maintenance. Due to their size and load, braking the vehicle at high speeds can be challenging. Brake failure due to lack of maintenance can be fatal for the driver and other vehicles on the road.

Truck drivers need to be well-rested and prepared to handle a truck of this size for the required hours or distance. Rest intervals are mandatory safety measures. If a driver operates the unit with little sleep or fatigue from a previous journey, their reaction time may be compromised.

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How We Support You

Justice is our primary goal. Our team of professional Austin tractor-trailer accident lawyers is adept at defending your rights and negotiating with insurance companies for fair compensation. The benefits you’re entitled to depend on the accident’s severity and other factors, including medical expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses (if applicable), and compensation for pain and suffering. Our firm will also endeavor to recover damages to your property as a courtesy, relieving some of your burdens.

Some of the most common benefits we can obtain for you include:

Medical expenses
Medical expenses

Covering everything from ambulance transfers or surgeries to medications and rehabilitation therapies.

Lost wages
Lost wages

To replace all the time you did not work due to recovering from your accident. This way, you can recover without worrying about your source of income.

Funeral expenses
Funeral expenses

In case the victim loses their life. This benefit is designed to provide economic peace of mind to the family.

Pain and suffering
Pain and suffering

A legal term referring to the emotional and psychological consequences of an accident. Depression, stress, or anxiety are examples of this.

As a courtesy...
As a courtesy...

From our firm, we will also seek to recover damages to your property.


Broad Expertise for Accident Victims

In our widely trained and experienced legal team, we are experts in bringing peace of mind to victims of accidents in various practice areas. Some examples of these areas are:

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