11442 N. Interstate Hwy 35. Austin, TX 78753

11442 N. Interstate Hwy 35. Austin, TX 78753


Austin Dog Bite Lawyers

The Austin dog bite lawyers at Dang Law Group are dedicated to assisting you and your family if you’ve been injured in a dog attack.

With a decade of experience in securing favorable outcomes and delivering peace of mind through rightful compensation, you can trust us to advocate for your rights.

Our legal firm’s multicultural team is committed to fighting for your rights, ensuring no barriers based on language or citizenship. If you’ve been injured by a dog bite, we’re here to help around the clock. Scheduling your initial free consultation with us is the first step toward justice.

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Understanding the Accidents Our Dog Injury Lawyers in Austin Handle

Dog bites are incidents in which a dog uses its teeth to exert pressure on the skin or other parts of a person or object. These bites can occur for various reasons, such as a response to fear, territorial protection, pain, aggression during play, or lack of socialization. Dogs may bite in situations of stress, discomfort, or even as a result of natural hunting instincts. Preventing dog bites involves proper education and socialization, as well as care and attention from owners to understand and address factors that could trigger aggressive behaviors.

Why Do Dog Bites Occur?

Although there are various reasons for a dog attack, they can often be categorized simply. Some reasons why a dog may bite include:

When dogs feel threatened or experience fear, their instinctive reaction may be aggression, commonly manifested through bites. The perception of threat can arise from situations where humans or other animals approach quickly, invade their personal space, or exhibit behaviors that the dog interprets as threatening. Additionally, factors such as the dog’s socialization history, training, and past experiences can influence the intensity of this aggressive response.

Excitement during play is a common characteristic in many dogs, especially in large breed puppies that are learning to interact with their environment and with other dogs and humans. In the process of play, some dogs may become overly enthusiastic, inadvertently causing harm by biting. There can also be situations where an adult dog sees its owner being attacked, even if it’s just playing, and defends its owner, resulting in bites to other people.

Dogs may exhibit a strong hunting instinct that is triggered in certain situations. In some cases, this behavior can lead them to chase and bite people or other animals, especially when their hunting instinct is awakened. This instinct may be more evident in specific breeds bred for hunting purposes. When a dog is in a stimulating environment, such as the rapid movement of people or animals, their natural drive to chase and catch can prevail, even if there is no malicious intent.

Dogs, being sensitive animals, may show a greater tendency for aggression when faced with stressful environments. Significant changes at home, alterations in daily routines, or the presence of strangers can trigger aggressive behaviors in some dogs. Stress can arise for various reasons, such as moves, the arrival of new family members, or changes in home dynamics. In these situations, dogs may feel insecure or threatened, leading to aggression as a form of self-preservation.


This Is How We Can Help You

When you turn to an Austin animal attack lawyer at Dang Law Group in a dog bite case, our commitment extends beyond legal representation. We are dedicated to securing compensation for victims, addressing a range of damages and losses that may arise from such incidents. Here are some of the benefits that our personal injury lawyers will diligently seek to include:

Medical Expenses
Medical Expenses

Our attorneys understand the immediate and long-term impact of a dog bite. Therefore, we aim to secure compensation covering immediate medical treatment, surgeries, rehabilitation, medications, and any future medical care related to the bite. Your health and well-being are our top priorities.

Emotional Damage
Emotional Damage

Dog bites can leave lasting emotional scars, causing trauma, fear, anxiety, or depression. Our attorneys recognize the significance of emotional suffering and will seek compensation to address the emotional damage suffered by the victim. We aim to bring a sense of closure and support to individuals dealing with the aftermath of a dog-biting incident.

Lost Wages
Lost Wages

If the victim is forced to be absent from work due to the bite and its treatment, our attorneys will tirelessly pursue compensation for lost wages. Additionally, we will account for the loss of future income, recognizing the financial impact that such incidents can have on an individual’s livelihood.

Property Damage
Property Damage

In cases where the dog bite results in damage to property, such as clothing or work equipment, we will ensure that replacement costs are factored into the compensation claim. Our thorough approach considers all aspects of the impact the incident has on the victim’s life.

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Our job is to provide you with financial peace of mind, which is why we will take care of the entire legal process from the moment we take your case. Additionally, we have a team of professionals and investigators who will work hand in hand with us to build a solid case to claim your compensation. This involves gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and other specialized actions.


Other Cases Where We Can Assist You

Our areas of practice consist of various legal services for the benefit of accident victims. Our firm has over 10 years of experience with successful cases in:

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In a legal landscape where personal injury cases can be complex, our team simplifies the process for you, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the resolution of your case, our goal is to make the legal journey as smooth as possible for you and your family.

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The dedicated Austin dog bite lawyers are here to provide unwavering support for you and your family, steering you toward the rightful compensation you deserve. Call us now and secure your free consultation. Let’s together make a resounding impact on insurers and ensure you receive the compensation you rightly deserve, giving them a powerful BANG!

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